Stammers, 15, who goes to school at Bishop Bell School in Eastbourne, wrote: “Thanks for all the nice messages of support, it’s meant a lot to me and my family, we really appreciate it.”

The schoolgirl was found in Bordeaux with Forrest, 30, who has agreed to be extradited to Britain to face a charge of child abduction after leaving the country with his student on September 20.

Forrest was holding hands and walking with Stammers in Bordeaux when he was arrested last Friday and has been in the custody of French police since.

He was arrested on a European arrest warrant request by British police, which he said he wouldn’t contest at the Bordeaux Appeals Court yesterday.

This means, the judge stated, that British authorities could only charge him for child abduction, should his extradition go forward.

Forrest’s lawyer, Daniel Lalanne, said later that his client could only be charged with further offences “if he voluntarily agreed to do so”.

A decision on whether or not he’ll be extradited will be given tomorrow.

It’s been reported that Stammers and Forrest had previously communicated via Twitter, for about six months, posting notes relating to songs about being love.

Forrest reportedly wrote he was “sacrificing his sanity” and feeling “helpless”.

When Stammers was aged 14, she is said to have written she was “probably just infatuated” and added later, “Age is overrated.”

The two had previously written about running away together, reports said.

The Sun reported that Forrest’s wife, Emily, had dumped her husband of 17 months in the wake of his disappearance with Stammers.