British men have been highlighted as dedicated ‘mummy’s boys’ in a new study which has found that they plan to shell out more money on gifts and are more likely to visit their mums on Mother’s Day than their female counterparts.

Almost a quarter (23.8%) of British women are not planning on seeing their mother this Mother’s Day compared to just 17% of men. The research, conducted by, found that overall 79% of Brits expect to see their mothers this Sunday 6 March.

Men are also expected to spend more on their mothers on average at £24.73, versus the £22.07 average which women expect to spend. Overall grateful Brits are set to spend an average £23.25 on their mums this Mothering Sunday, generating a substantial £1.1 billion boost for the economy.

Only six per cent of those who are in contact with their mothers are planning on spending nothing, while 4% will be splashing out over £50 on their mums.

For the gifts themselves, flowers were the most popular choice, with a quarter of Brits stating they will opt for a bouquet as a present. Chocolate came a close second, with just over one in seven (14.7%) Brits stating they would purchase the sweet treat, followed by a card (12.2%) and perfume (11.4%). 

Other popular presents include personalised gifts from grandchildren, concert tickets and vouchers. Women are more likely to get their mum a card or take the mothers for a meal out. 

Respondents from the North West seem to have the best relationships with their mums with the highest percentage saying they will definitely see their mum on Mother’s day (70.3%) and the second highest average spend (£27.29) behind London (£29.12) on gifts. People from Yorkshire expect to spend the least with an average spend of £18 per person.

Those in the age group 16-24 were the most likely to plan on seeing their mothers (89%), closely followed by 25-34 year olds (85%).