However, ‘Australian Karen’ from Queensland was told in 2004 that she was voicing the iPhone GPS systems – and she’s now the voice of the Australian Siri.

Speaking to the Daily Mail Australia, Karen admitted that she was probably the last person to own an iPhone – and the GPS work she’s done has connected her to people in the strangest ways.

“When it first started happening it was really a bit bizarre and I thought it was a once off,'” she told the ABC.

“But I have to say just about every time I meet someone there is that level of familiarity, like I’m a member of their family or someone close to them. It’s always stories about how we got lost and the time we recalculated.”

Karen has also been asked to speak at events about women in technology – but she stresses that she’s just a woman literally in technology; her tech knowledge doesn’t go far beyond the voice inside your phone.

Image credit: YouTube