Edric Kennedy-Macfoy, 28, was off duty when he drove past violent scenes outside a house party and stopped to help officers with the incident. 

Kennedy-Macfoy, who also trained as a police constable, claims that as he tried to give information to police, he was dragged from his vehicle, sworn at and shot with the high-voltage Taser.

The fireman, from north London, was stunned at the police officers’ response. He claims they targeted him because of his skin colour. 

Kennedy-Macfoy has lodged a complaint over the incident, which took place last September in Harrow, North West London, at around 3.30am.  

Scotland Yard has referred Kennedy-Macfoy’s racism allegation to the complaints watchdog. This is the 12th case of alleged police racism under investigation in the past three weeks.

The IPCC is currently investigating five of them, including Kennedy-Macfoy’s case.

In February Kennedy-Macfoy was found not guilty of obstructing police.

His complaint against six police officers brings the total number of Met officers currently under investigation for alleged racism to 26.

It is a Met policy to refer all complaints involving the use of Taser stun guns to the IPCC. Kennedy-Macfoy’s case, however, was dealt with internally, according to the Guardian.

In the complaint he submitted shortly after the incident, Kennedy-Macfoy alleged he was shot without warning and that he believed to have been targeted because of his race.

Kennedy-Macfoy said he had experienced discrimination at the hands of police on previous occasions. He told the Guardian: “I always get stopped by the police and it’s always the same.”

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