Just weeks before the fourth anniversary of Jacko’s death the 15-year-old is said to have locked herself in her room, cut her arm with a cleaver and took an overdose of painkillers. She rang a suicide hotline, and a counsellor dialled 911, bringing paramedics rushing to the family home. 

Paris’ mum Debbie Rowe, 54, confirmed the reports and said Paris had “a lot going on”. reports The Sun.

A source said she had rowed with family members, including her custodian gran Katherine, 83, which escalated when she wasn’t allowed go to see rocker Marylin Manson in Los Angeles.

The source said: “It was the usual teenage stuff about where Paris was allowed to go and what she could wear. But it must have pushed her to breaking point.She has suffered terrible bullying recently. All the allegations about Michael abusing children have been back in the news, plus details of his drug use and even questions about whether he is the kids’ biological father.“Paris was also due to give evidence at her dad’s wrongful death trial. It has all taken its toll.”

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