Michael Jackson’s children saw their father’s dead body, the

court heard, as the trial of the singer’s personal doctor, Conrad Murray,


As Jackson lay dying on the bed, his daughter Paris, 13, was

on the floor outside his room, sobbing uncontrollably. Her brother Prince, 14,

stood in shock beside her.

The court was given details by the King of Pop’s security

chief, who told of the traumatic scene as Paris and Prince witnessed

Conrad trying to revive Jackson’s dead body.

Michael Jackson trial – Doctor Murray's 45 minute phone call
Michael Jackson death photo shocks fans

"Paris was on the ground, balled-up, crying. Prince was

just standing there. He just had a real shocked, slowly-crying type of look on

his face," Faheem Muhammad said.

Doctor Murray is accused of involuntary manslaughter, for

prescribing Jackson with an overdose of propofol to help him sleep.

The security guard continued that Murray appear nervous and

sweaty, at one point dashing out of the room to ask if anyone knew CPR.

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Yesterday the court was shown this picture of Michael Jackson lying dead on a hospital bed

Muhammad  said Jackson’s

children were taken away from the scene by their nanny. When asked if the

singer already looked dead when Paris and Prince were present, he replies: “Yes”.

The doctor is also said to have made a frantic phone call to Jackson’s assistant

Michael Amir Williams.

"He said, 'Get here right away. Mr. Jackson had a bad reaction.' He

said, 'Get someone up here right away,'" Williams told the jury.

Williams arrived at the house just as Jacko was being taken on a stretcher

into an ambulance.

He followed in a car with Prince, Paris and third child Blanket, nine.

Williams said he took off his jacket to cover the children's heads as he

escorted them one by one into the hospital.

 "We were still following

procedure. Mr Jackson wanted them shielded in public," he said.

When Jackson was pronounced dead shortly afterwards, Doctor Murray is said

to have broken down in tears.

Williams said Murray then asked to be taken back to the singer’s home to

collect some skin lightening cream he believed Jackson would not want the

public to know about.

Williams refused as he said the police would not want anyone returning to

Jackson’s home.

The doctor denies involuntary manslaughter, claiming that the singer, 50, self-administered

the overdose of Propofol.