Do people ever tell you that you talk too much? Perfect. This is the only qualification you need to score yourself a job in “chugging”.

This involves selling something to people either door-to-door or on the street and having the gift of the gab is a definite advantage when trying to make that crucial sale. Nikki Behrens, senior sales and operations manager of Ministry of Paintball told us: “We are constantly recruiting for our sales team, so there are many jobs out there.”

Chugging is a perfect option for backpackers as you often don’t have to commit to lengthy contracts and how much you earn is completely dependent on you, assuming of course you have the charm to sell anything.

Nikki said “We are commissions-based so it is down to the individual as to how much money they want to earn. Backpackers have the opportunity to make a lot of money.” Full training is provided so you won’t need to worry if you have never tried your hand at anything like this before.

The most important thing is being able to maintain a positive and enthusiastic attitude and appear passionate about the product that you are trying to sell (even if you’re not really).

If you are hoping to pursue chugging as a new career move there are opportunities to move into management roles, as Nikki explained.

“We currently have sales representative positions and there is always the opportunity to work your way up the to leadership positions,” Nikki said.

And what type of person is likely to make an excellent chugger? Nikki reckons it’s “an enthusiastic team player, who is motivated and has a great sense of humour”. If that sounds like you, a job talking to people all day long may just be the ticket to funding your next big venture on the open road.