The phone of the missing Swindon woman Sian O’Callaghan, 22, who disappeared from a nightclub, early Saturday morning, has been traced to Savernake Forest, near Marlborough, Wilts.

Mobile phone records and CCTV cameras from the Suju nightclub, show that O’Callaghans phone was in the forest area 32 minutes after she had left the club at about 2.50am. The phone itself, has however, not yet been found.

One theory is that O’Callaghan started walking to her and her boyfriend’s flat half a mile away, however, police say it’s too far of a distance for her to have walked to the forest without a car.

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Police said that O’Callaghan had exchanged text messages with her boyfriend Kevin Reape throughout the evening before he arrived back home at around 10.30pm.

Not long after that O’Callaghan sent Reape a text asking him: ‘Where are you?’.

But Reape had fallen asleep and never replied.

When he later woke up, he sent her a message at 3.24am saying: `I’m worried’.

But O’Callaghan never replied.

Reape reported his girlfriend missing at 9.45am on Saturday.

Mr Reape made an emotional appeal for his girlfriend’s safe return on Monday, saying:

“She is a beautiful person who is instantly loved by everyone she meets,” he said.

“We all just want to know that she is OK as it is breaking our hearts not to know where she is.”

Yesterday hundreds of volunteers helped police searching for the 22-year-old office adminstrator in the Savernake Forest.