If you’re a Star Wars fan or just an admirer of the flesh then hurry up and get tickets, we’ve found something special. The Empire Strips Back a Star Wars burlesque imitation is a show like no other. They’ve managed to take all our much-loved characters and given them a sexy persona.

Russall S. Beattie created Star Wars burlesque in 2011. The show declared a success continued travelling around small theatres. In 2013 Beattie decided to take the show to a larger audience, destroyed costumes and props and recreated the entire show from scratch.

It takes the best things about being a child and the best things about being an adult and combines them for a strictly adult only audience.

You can catch the new show at the Enmore theatre, Enmore Street in Sydney on Saturday 13th June at 8:00pm

We bet George Lucas never had the guys from the dark forces in mind when creating the Star Wars trilogy.