Mohammed Al Fayed burns the royal crests that used to be on display in Harrods in a shocking documentary on the death of Princess Diana.

The documentary has provoked anger among some who say that the burning of the Royal warrants is "vindictive."

Speaking to the camera in the documentary, Mr Fayed says: "I am destroying these royal crests as a tribute to my son Dodi. I feel that he is looking down on this today.

"There was a clear verdict of unlawful killing, so why has nobody been arrested? What is at the core of all this is racism.

"Powerful people in this country – my country – don't want to hear me talking about Prince Philip's Nazi background, but I have to, because it is 100 per cent true. They wouldn't accept me or my son, and when he fell in love with Diana, they murdered him."

Royal historian and author Hugo Vickers told the Telegraph that it is untrue to say that Prince Philip had a "Nazi background".

He said: "It is a great pity that Mohammed Fayed persists in peddling these myths when the inquiry into Diana's death has proved all the allegations were complete nonsense.

"It is rather sad. I had seriously hoped he had given up on this after the inquest's final verdict."

A 2008 inquest ruled that Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed were unlawfully killed, but their deaths were blamed by their driver Henri Paul and the paparazzi who were following their car.