The study, which was carried out by Kwik Fit Mobile, has revealed that 46% of those working full or part time spent part of their holidays last year on work activities such as checking emails, making work phone calls or writing and reading documents.

If that wasn’t bad enough, each of these holidaymakers spent an average of 5 hours and 24 minutes on work-related activity.

Although female workers were less likely than men to spend holiday time working, those women who did catch up with work on holiday spent longer doing so, as the average time women spent on work last year was over 6 hours.

Finally, if this last piece of research doesn’t depress you, nothing will. The study also revealed that work has an impact on where one in four of us go on holiday, as 15% of holidaymakers say they need to have a good Wi-Fi or internet service while they’re away, 11% need a good mobile signal, and 4% will only vacation in hotels which also have good business facilities.

Amazingly, 3% of people interviewed said they will only go on holiday in the UK in case they have to get back to their place of work quickly. Dedication or just plain nuts? You decide…

Image credit: Thinkstock