Blackberry left users furious after a three day blackout, but now it’s Apple’s turn to malfunction.

A software update for iPhones and iPads left users frustrated and angry when it deleted content from Apple devices.

The new iOS 5 upgrade was meant to offer owners of existing Apple gadgets features offered on the brand new iPhone 4S, but many users found the software difficult to install whle others claimed they had lost songs and photos.

“After installing the new software and unplugging the iPad from my PC, most of my apps were gone – along with all my music, photos and other data. If the furious Twitter chatter is any indication, I’m not alone,”  wrote techie journalist Jared Newman on

One tweet said: “That iOS 5  deleted all 6,000 of my songs.”

Another user tweeted that contacts on his iPhone had been “nuked.”

Apple’s software problems  hasn’t overshadowed the release of iPhone 4S, however, which saw Apple fans queueing outside UK stores stocking the new gadget this morning.

Early sales suggest the device will  break last year’s record for the iPhone 4.