The half-tonne creature crawled out of the water at the southern Brazilian beach resort of Balneario Camboriu (for reasons unknown as nobody bothered to ask the sea lion) and then found itself on the town’s main boulevard.

Traffic ground to a halt for the best part of 20 minutes as the great beast tried to wobble and drag it’s way across the street.

While the sea lion is much better suited to frolicking in the water than on land, the animal in question seemed to get the hang of pedestrian life soon enough, using a zebra crossing to make its way across the street.

The whole way along police officers and fire fighters doused the huge animal with buckets of water to keep the thing hydrated, because nothing chafes a sea lion quite like dry skin on asphalt.

Eventually the great animal made it’s way across the road and flopped back into the ocean amid the celebratory roaring of crowds who had gathered along it’s path to cheer it on.

If I ever hear another ‘why did the chicken cross the road?’ joke I… I… I’ll eat nothing but chicken for a year. Don’t mock me, food!

Image: Getty