Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has announced that he won’t run for the Italian prime minister’s post when his current term ends in 2013.

He does, however, have some big plans before he leaves wanting to make changes both to Italy’s constitution as well as its judicial system.

Yesterday, the lower house of parliament approved a bill, which will cut the length of trials for people with no previous convictions.

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The bill still needs to be approved by the Italian Senate, but Mr Berlusconi has a majority here so should pass easily.

If the new law would be introduced, that would mean Mr Berlusconi’s ongoing trial, in which he is accused of bribing British lawyer David Mills, would end.

Berlusconi has put forward his cabinet secretary Gianni Letta, who’s been part of Berlusconi’s government since 1994, as a possible future leader to take over from him.

Berlusconi has also mentioned justice minister Angelo Alfano, as a possible candidate.

But don’t think that Berlusconi wants to leave the political limelight just because he has stepped down from the prime minister’s post.

Berlusconi has already said he can see himself as a fatherly adviser, who will continue to influence the members of his Freedom Party.