Mr Fogg’s Residence is modelled on Phileas Fogg’s period drawing room laden with artefacts and trinkets collected from his many travels. Now, guests will have the chance to accompany the eccentric explorer on his many expeditions with a unique cocktail menu that unveils his clandestine stories that have been kept a secret for fear of public outcry. The elaborate menu, inspired by mystical magicians, nefarious necromancers, maleficent mediums, stupefying sorcerers and bewildering witches will showcase a range of never-before-seen Victorian cocktails. 

The menu will offer guests the chance to embark on an odyssey into the unknown, with mysterious spirits that reveal a series of alluring stories from Mr Fogg’s many magnificent journeys. Mr Fogg’s talented and award-winning household staff will serve a selection of well-prepared and marvellous tipples including: The Disappearing Houdini, a compounded libation made with Tanqueray TEN, orange curacao liqueur, strawberry sherbet, fresh lemon, cranberry juice, lemon curd and cotton candy floss. Inspired by the fascinating Vaudevillian, this sensational cocktail was created to surprise and beguile even the most expectant of spectators. 

For those seeking a thrill, Dracula’s Rush of Blood from the Dead, is most gratifying for day walkers and the undead alike, made with Grey Goose vodka, Roots Mastiha liqueur, Galliano L’Autentico herbal liqueur, fresh lemon juice, homemade kaffir lime leaves, syrup, pineapple puree, absinthe and egg white. 

Hubble-Bubble, Toil in Trouble

Inspired by the witchcraft town of Salem, the Hubble-Bubble, Toil in Trouble embraces scocery at every turn. Made with Mount Gay Black Barrel rum, vanilla-infused Woodford Reserve whiskey, Roots Tentura Sweet liqueur, Mancino Chinato vermouth, maple syrup and chocolate bitters, this caldron of sorcery is ideal for those who want to dance to the Devil’s drum like Phileas once did. 

Guests are encouraged to take a sip on Mr Fogg’s Elixir of Eternal Youth. Inspired by a secret chest rumoured to contain a potation cupped from the Fountain of Eternal Youth that was entrusted to Phileas by a Yucatán Chieftain, this entrancing libation is made with Star of Bombay gin, Aperol, Benedictine herbal liqueur, bergamot puree, oleo saccharum, fresh lemon juice, grapefruit juice and drops from the Fountain of Eternal Youth. 

For those looking for veritable hocus-pocus and more, head to Mr Fogg’s to experience the most spell-binding cocktail lover adventure this year. 

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Mr Fogg’s

15 Bruton Lane, London W1J 6JD

Tube: Green Park