A mum is giving her four-year-old daughter Tate spray tans to "boost her confidence".

Beautician Jools Willis said that the beauty treatments she gives her daughter Tate and her elder sister Darcie, 10, are good for them.

But child welfare groups say she is "sexualisiing" her daughter.

Tate told The Sun: "I like having a spray tan because it makes me look good. I like having the same as Mummy."

Darcie said: "I like having my nails done and a spray tan because I like going really brown. It makes me feel better.

"I wouldn't really mind being pale but I prefer a spray tan."

Jools, 37, said: "The tan we use is our own so we know it's safe. They will not come to any harm.

"Tate has the lowest level of fake tan. It helps her feel included with Darcie.

"Darcie doesn't have spray tan put on just for cosmetic reasons.

"She is a dancer and when she does shows the tan helps her under the stage lights."

Claude Knights, director of charity Kidscape, said: "Spray tanning sexualises youngsters.

"A four-year-old is much too young to be getting beauty treatments. Children should not be encouraged to grow up too soon.

"We should let children be children. True confidence and self-esteem come from within."