What baffles me about London is the British etiquette on the busy Underground. People really just want to shout and scream at the tourists who are getting in the way, but they always maintain this lovely British politeness.

When I want to chill out I grab a cold beer down by Hammersmith Bridge, right by the river. When the sun is shining it’s really beautiful around there.

The most interesting people I’ve met in London are pub landlords – they have such interesting stories, especially at The Camel in Bethnal Green. Sadly they are a dying breed but it’s always great when you stumble across one in an old East End pub.

My favourite places for a drink are The Camel, The Carpenter’s Arms and The Dove in east London, and The Sun Inn and The Salisbury in west London – they are all top, traditional pubs!

For when you’re hungover in London, the classic Sunday roast and a Guinness always seem to do the trick. And, of course, getting drunk again on the old hair of the dog gets rid of the hangover straight away, or at least delays the inevitable.

What’s the first thing you think of in the morning Where did I leave my guitar? That’s a common one, especially after a show! Or I’ll be trying to remember a lyric that was in my head when I went to bed.

What gets me up in the morning My dog licking my face acts as a pretty good alarm clock! You can’t switch it off so after a while the slobbery licking gets too much and you have to get up.

My perfect weekend would include fun, family, cold beers and an impromptu music jam session. Getting out of the city for a couple of days is always good for the soul.

The last naughty thing I did was a drunken emergency toilet break by a bus stop bin one night (with the angry bus driver’s face in the distance!).

Five words that sum up London … Vibrant, unpredictable, diverse, (sometimes) painful and (charmingly) arrogant.


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