In spite of the crash and flying bricks and rubble, it was his mum’s voice that woke up Ben London.

“I was woken up by my mum shouting” he said.

“I couldn’t see anything, just white, because the car lights were lighting up the dust and it was just like a big white cloud. At first we didn’t know a car had come into the house.

“We thought there was a fire or that the roof had collapsed, and then when the dust cleared, we could see the car.”

Ben was protected by a wardrobe door which fell across his bed, and he sustained only cuts and bruises to his legs, reports the BBC.

“I feel quite lucky and unlucky, to be honest: lucky that I didn’t actually get hurt, unlucky at the fact there was car in my room,” he said.

“I’m also lucky that my room’s going to be re-done and I will have all new stuff, so I’m pretty pleased about that.”

Four people were in the car and one of the occupants was taken to hospital for a minor head injury. The driver, 32, was arrested on suspicion of drink-driving and has been bailed until 25 November.

Image via Thinkstock