Callum MacDonald, 25, and Kieran Sweeney, 26 had to be rescued by helicopter when a storm descended on the pair during the third try in their effort to make it across the massive stretch of ocean between Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands all the way to Port St Charles in Barbados.

The latest setback comes a week after the duo’s second attempt which had to be halted due to food poisoning – the first try was stopped when the drive mechanism on their pedalo became faulty. The specially designed 22ft long pedalo, now abandoned and adrift in the Atlantic, was built at great expense by Sweeny, who told reporters that they intended to make a fourth attempt once plans for a new boat are put into place.

“Waves over the top capsized us. So it was a case of, you know, how long’s this going to last? It was supposed to last for six more days.” Sweeny told the BBC.

As proven in recent Atlantic rowing challenges by British female rowing team Row for Freedom and solo rowing champion Andrew Brown, being naked for the duration of the challenge is practically essential to avoid the dreaded chafing from repetitive movement leading to friction burns.

The determined pair from Cumbria are attempting to raise £50,000 for the Children’s Heart Unit at Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital.