Naomi Campbell’s former agent, Carole White, has been accused of lying that Campbell knew she had received diamonds from Charles Taylor, the former Liberian president currently on trial for war crimes.

Campbell had sworn that she didn’t know where the “dirty little rocks” came from when she was presented with them in the middle of the night after a dinner party hosted by Nelson Mandela. However, White has told a different tale about Campbell and the diamonds.

Yesterday, White told the court in The Hague that Campbell was flirting with Taylor at the dinner and he said he would give her some diamonds.

However, today Charles Taylor’s defence lawyer claimed that White’s evidence was a pack of lies.

White was grilled about a statement in which she said she heard Taylor promising to give Campbell the diamonds during dinner. Campbell’s former agent admitted today that she did not actually hear this.

“He nodded that he was going to send her diamonds. I didn’t hear the words, I don’t recall them,” said White.

“The bottom line is, you made this up,” accused Taylor’s lawyer.

“I did not make it up,” replied White.

White is being accused of lying about the diamonds given to Campbell by Taylor in light of the fact that she is currently suing the model for breach of contract, claiming that Campbell owes her about 600,000 US dollars (£375,935).

“Quite frankly, Miss White, I suggest that your account is a complete pack of lies, and you have made it up in order to assist in your lawsuit against Miss Campbell,” ended Taylor’s lawyer.

“I can categorically tell you, your honour, it is not a lie. This happened,” said White.

In what has come to be reported as almost incidental, Taylor is being accused of murder, rape, sexual slavery and recruiting child soldiers.

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