Forget judging a man by his shoes, we are now a nation of coffee critics recent research has revealed. The craft coffee revolution currently gripping the nation has given rise to a new wave of ruthless connoisseurs, prepared to risk relationships in search of the perfect cup of Joe.

Research commissioned by Union Hand-Roasted Coffee reveals that one in five of us admits to judging someone or a business by the quality of the coffee they serve, almost a third (28%) of the nation admits they have refused poor quality coffee and over a fifth (22%) have even changed their opinion of the person serving it . 

However, despite over half  (53%) of coffee lovers stating they prefer fresh coffee over instant, we appear to be practising double standards with 80% admitting to buying instant coffee for the home. A modest £178 a year is spent, on average, on instant coffee at home, whilst we happily hand over an average of £312 a year in coffeehouses.

Confusion towards coffee brewing equipment and how to use it is clearly one of the barriers preventing people enjoying fresh coffee at home with more than 1 in 10 people claiming they find it too complicated to use. Despite our expectations of good quality coffee in coffeehouses, behind closed doors we adopt a much more complacent attitude with 3 in 5 (61%) of us admitting to buying instant coffee at home because it is easier to make than fresh coffee. Our love for coffee is so strong that 1 in 7 (15%) of the nation would even go as far to say that any day without coffee is the worst situation they could be in.

Many of us seem confused where our coffee has come from with a quarter (25%) of the nation admitting they don’t know where it is grown. Worryingly almost a third (31%) of 16-24 year old coffee lovers and a quarter (24%) of 25-34 year olds think that coffee is grown in the UK. However, despite not knowing where our coffee is grown, almost two thirds (63%) of those questioned said that it is important that our coffee is ethically sourced. 

The research reveals the top three favourite coffees to order in a coffee shop are: Cappuccino (35%), Latte (28%) and Black Coffee (16%).