The accident happened on December 29 as Mr Yang from Nanjing, China, was using a cutting machine to do some DIY chores around his home.

He explained: “The nail that got stuck in the cutting machine flew out when I turned on the machine. It ripped into my head and left a small hole in the skin.”

However, Mr Yang said he had no idea that an entire nail was stuck in his head until he began feeling sick a few days later, and went into hospital for a CT scan.

The doctors immediately saw the nail on their X-rays and said they would need to remove it with extreme caution, so as not to cause any nerve damage.

Neurosurgeon Luo Liangsheng, who performed the tricky operation, said: “The nail penetrated his eye socket and reached the petrosal bone after passing through the middle cranial fossa.” He added: “If we pulled the nail out directly, the surgical risk would be quite high, because the great vessels and nerves might be hurt during the process.”

Mr Yang is stable after the surgery and his vision was not affected by the operation.

Image credit: YouTube