Usually, you might go through all of the most common genres when deciding, from action and comedy to sci-fi and horror, exhausting your Netflix library before switching to your Amazon Prime account.

Well, perhaps this might make things that little bit easier. One genre that has gone under the radar for years actually includes a range of movies that have gained a significant amount of fans. These have one underlying theme in common that makes these movies popular and that indeed is gambling.

What you might be surprised to find out, is that there are actually a lot more of these than you may perhaps have realised.

What are gambling movies?

Well, there is no trick question here, they are movies that are centred around the topic of gambling and can often be associated with another genre such as comedy or action.

This is perfectly highlighted in a recent study compiled by leading online gambling resource, New Casino Sites which is a comprehensive and analytical investigation into the top 21 gambling movies of all time, compiling statistical data from credible industry sources to present an overall combined percentage for each one.

What you will likely find is that you recognise a number of these titles and have an “oh, of course” moment because perhaps even despite obvious connotations in some of the titles to gambling, the tie in to gambling could well be deemed subtle, due to clever writing.

This could definitely be the case for the gambling movie which came in at first place with an overall score of 87 percent – Casino Royale. The fact that this is fundamentally a James Bond movie, the theme almost ‘hides in plain sight’, especially because it is obvious from the title.

Also, viewers have become accustomed to James Bond movies having a number of the obvious attractions in them such as car chases and fight scenes, which this still has, nicely integrated into the gambling element of the movie.

Other favourites that made the list

In addition to Casino Royale, you might recognise a few others, including comedy title The Hangover, scoring 77.50 percent, with Bradley Cooper playing the lead protagonist. Another may include Casino, released in 1995 which ranked fifth with 80.50 percent.

Also, Ocean’s 11 which is part of the ‘Bourne’ series can also be found on the list, scoring a creditable 80 percent and which starred Hollywood heavyweight Matt Damon, while Mr Lucky, the oldest movie on there, with a release date of 1943 came in second place with 86 percent, narrowly losing to Casino Royale.

So, the next time you decide to unwind with a movie, perhaps some of these might do the trick. While it might be a gamble, you could end up betting on a sure thing!