This may come as a shock to the nation’s men, but according to a new survey, you’re probably NOT the best kisser your partner has ever locked lips with. The study revealed that almost one in three (33 percent) women in relationships claim someone other than their current partner gave them the best kiss of their lives. 

In fact, 42 percent of the women who admitted their partner is not the best kisser said that their most memorable smooch was with their first true love and 37 percent of women saying it had been with a whirlwind romance; 11 percent revealed that their most passionate kiss had been with a good friend. 

On average men were awarded an average six out of 10 for their kissing skills, so they should take heed of what women say makes for a great kiss. The perfect kiss should last for exactly 26 seconds, should include fresh breath (according to 29% of women), gentle face touching (19%), romantic music (13%) and not too much tongue (12%). 

Unsurprisingly, 63 percent of women found facial hair a major kissing turn-off, this was almost three times as many as those put off by their partner being a sloppy kisser (22 percent).  

The report by male grooming brand Braun also showed that the average British female has kissed seven people in their lives they shouldn’t have! Top of the list of kissing partners that should never have been was with an ex they secretly got back in touch with (29%) followed by a stranger (24%) and a work colleague (19%). A further 10 percent admitting to kissing their husband’s friend – and shockingly 8 percent of women have kissed the boss.