The new Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) was unveiled earlier this month, signalling a major change in the way Australia’s borders are managed.

The integration sees the Australian Customs and Border Protection Services (ACBPS) cease and the Australia Border Force will stand up as the operational and enforcement arm of the Department. The Department is building on a proud combined history of delivering secure and efficient travel, trade and migration as Australia’s trusted gateway, supported by the experience and professionalism of officers and staff.

Bringing the two organisations together will improve border security and deliver more convenient, cost-effective and nationally consistent services for the benefit of clients and partners. The Department remains committed to improving  engagement with the community. By working closely with community partners, they hope to drive Australia’s security and prosperity through streamlined travel and migration.

Travellers will be able to continue to access Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO), as they did before. The integration will not affect any visa or citizenship applications that were underway around 1 July. Work continues to automate and digitise border-related activities for a more seamless experience.

One such initiative is SmartGates, which will allow travellers departing Australia to self- process through passport control at Australia’s international airports. The rollout commenced at Sydney Airport in June. The system automates the border clearance checks usually conducted by a Border Force officer, making it the smart way through the airport. Travellers holding a valid passport and over 120cm tall will be able to use departures SmartGates.

Travellers can also find out what they can legally bring into the country using the Can I bring it back? web application at

The Department has launched its new website, and is encouraging stakeholders to update their own website links and bookmarks.Email addresses for the Department have also changed from or to