Londoners aren’t quite as travel-savvy as they like to think, with many unaware of the origin of their fave foods.

Shockingly, 63% of people interviewed thought that pretzels came from Israel or the US, 38% thought German dish Black Forest Gateau originated from Sweden or France, and 40% thought the Scottish dish of ‘tatties’ was Danish or Russian cuisine.

Oh, talking of tatties, almost one in ten Scots were unaware of their own national dish.

However, we’re not a complete nation of dunces. West Midlanders must have been paying attention in Geography lessons as they were on top form for pinpointing various locations across the globe. They’re also the linguists of the nation as 89% knew escargot was a French dish.

Northern Ireland didn’t fare so well. 15% of people interviewed thought ausfahrt, the German word for ‘exit’, meant burping – and only 38% correctly named Brasilia as the capital of Brazil.

Image credit: Thinkstock