New Londoners and veterans alike know how difficult it is in the big city to strike up conversation with anyone outside of the office. With everyone living busy lives and the tube being a no-no for idle chat, this vibrant city can seem a lonely place. Enter Excuses to Meet – a creative new app which solves this problem by hooking up people with common interests. 

You simply download the free app, choose from a list of excuses to meet and find local people who are looking to do similar things. Whether that’s checking out the latest pop-up event, finding compatible flatmates for house-hunting, learning a new language, visiting an exhibition, or simply finding a wingman/mam to hit the town with, Excuses to Meet helps Londoners lead a more connected life in what often feels like a socially disconnected world. 

Excuses to Meet has been designed to connect people without operating like an online dating service. Even though some reasons for meeting, such as house hunting, may be a relatively short-term, Excuses to Meet have found that many lasting friendships have been created as a result of their app. 

The app works by asking to selecting from a range of reasons they might want to meet someone new. Once a selection is made, the app automatically finds people with the same, or similar excuses and displays their profile and distance from the user’s address. From here, users are given the option to chat and arrange a meeting in their own time. 

Explore the city, on your terms, by downloading the app at