When all the gates are locked and the lights are out, are the memories of royal heartbreak and tragedy still echoing through the empty rooms of Kensington Palace? Find out for yourself this winter on an Eerie Evening Tour and uncover the dark tales that lurk behind the palace’s regal exterior…

Guided by an expert Explainer, explore the historic palace by lamplight, from empty staircases and hidden passageways to the gloomy splendour of the shadowy State Apartments where former monarchs lived, died and – some say – haunt.

Hear about the gruesome medical maladies of residents past, from William III’s fatal horse-riding accident to Queen Caroline’s horrific final hours, and see the Privy Chamber where, on blustery October nights, it is said George II can be seen staring out at the weathervane as he did in the lonely days just before his death, waiting for the wind to change and bring news of his beloved German homeland. Elsewhere in the palace, the gentle rhythmic creaking of thread and wool is often heard echoing through the courtyards and corridors after dark, reputedly the sound of Princess Sophia’s spinning wheel – this Georgian princess was banished to Kensington in disgrace following an illicit pregnancy, and spent the rest of her life in solitude with just her spinning wheel for company.

As well as these sorrowful tales, delve into the Victorian obsession with life after death and discover how so many people of all ranks and backgrounds became convinced that conversing with the dead was possible. Did Queen Victoria herselfattempt to contact the spirit of her beloved husband Albert? You’ll just have to join the tour to find out!


Booking information
Eerie Evening Tours, 18.45 – 20.15
Adult: £27.50 (minimum age 16) – 10% discount for members
Advance booking is essential, on 0844 482 7777 or www.hrp.org.uk.
29 / 31 / 31 October 2015
12 December 2015 (includes glass of mulled wine and a mince pie)
8 / 15/ 22 January 2016

The tour includes several flights of stairs and low light levels.