Push the envelope on flights leaving New York airports and you could soon be facing a massive fines or end up facing a judge in court.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey wants to levy fines that could reach tens of thousands of pounds for behavior that causes flight delays.

The issue of electronic devices on planes received international media exposure in December when 30 Rock actor Baldwin was kicked off a New York-bound flight in Los Angeles for refusing to turn off his mobile phone.

Baldwin later apologised to his fellow American Airlines passengers who were delayed but used Twitter to mock a flight attendant on Twitter.

The use of electronic devices on planes generally is prohibited during takeoffs and landings, and passengers are warned by public announcements.

The Port Authority initiative is believed to be the only one of its kind being contemplated at a US airport, but it’s unclear whether the agency would have the power to implement it.

Attorney David Stempfler, head of the Air Travelers Association advocacy group, said: “It seems like the injured party here is the airline, not the Port Authority.”

“It’s the airline that needs to be taking action against the passengers for doing this. The concept needs to be fleshed out more.”