There are lots of antsy pot-heads wandering around New Zealand today after police shut down a chain of gardening stores they believe are part of the cannabis industry.

All 16 outlets of Switched On Gardener were closed after staff allegedly sold drugs, cannabis plants and growing equipment and offered tips to undercover officers.

Apparently 35 firms in NZ have now been shut down and 250 people arrested after police discovered gardening centres were selling less weed-killer than ‘killer weed’.

Some of those arrested were charged with selling drug-growing equipment, including 600-watt light bulbs, fertilisers, soil test kits and insect sprays. More than 100 commercial cannabis growing operations allegedly linked to the businesses were also found and dismantled during the two year operation.

“We’ve got strong evidence of its (Switched On Gardener’s) complicity in supplying equipment for cannabis growing on a sophisticated scale,” said Deputy commissioner Rob Pope.

Who knew Kiwis were so green fingered?