The BBC’s Nick Robinson was caught on camera smashing a protestor’s sign in a fit of rage, prompting the veteran broadcaster to write an apology on his blog.

Political Editor Nick Robinson was reporting on the Spending Review announced yesterday and throughout his broadcast grew gradually more irritated with an anti-war activist who was waving a placard in view of the cameras.

When he finished filming, Robinson grabbed the sign and smashed it onto the ground before trampling it underfoot in a brilliantly childish display of anger.

A protester can be heard shouting shouting: “You should be ashamed of yourself, mate.”

To which Robinson replies: “I’m not remotely ashamed of myself.”

Nick Robinson smashes a protest banner

Hilariously, another identical sign pops up as soon as the fist sign has been demolished.

Unfortunately for Nick, the incident was caught on camera.

Yesterday, Robinson wrote on his blog: “I have a confession. I grabbed the sign and ripped it up – apparently you can watch video of my sign rage in full glorious technicolour on the web. I lost my temper and I regret that.

“I’m a great believer in free speech but I also care about my job reporting one of the most important political stories for years.”

While we know that it’s not cool to go around smashing up people’s placards, it does make great watching. Enjoy.