Rumour has it that Nike are planning to launch the futuristic shoes worn Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future: Part II.

An exclusive launch party is taking place this evening in Hollywood.

Cult trainers officialdom website NiceKicks have posted a photo of their invitation, which features the header 'IT'S ABOUT TIME' along with the special gifts sent with them.

These include a replica of the futuristic visor sunglasses worn by the characters Marty McFly and Doc Brown in the cult 1989 film, which is partly set in a decidedly advanced looking 2015.

Keen-eyed sneaker freaks have noted that Nike has previously registered the trademark to the name 'Nike Air Mag' with the U.S. Patent Office. Whether the Nike Back To the Future shoes will have the automatic self-fastening devices as seen in the movie remains to be seen.