The man behind the Norway massacre, Anders Breivik, published 1,500-page manifesto online before his brutal killing rampage on Friday, according to officials yesterday.

The document, entitled “2083 – A European Declaration of Independence,” was filled with racist rhetoric and blamed a liberal government for allowing Muslims to immigrate into Europe.

"We know where you are, where you live and we are coming for you. You will be punished for your treasonous acts against Europe and Europeans,” he wrote.

32-year-old Breivik’s manifesto had been a work in progress for the past nine years, with the last entry coming just three hours before he killed at least 93 people in a deadly combination of bombings in Oslo and a shooting spree at a youth camp outside the capital.

??The manifesto gave authorities a closer look into the mind of Breivik, who admitted to taking steroids prior to the attacks.??

Throughout his rants, Breivik made it clear he wanted to create a white supremacist Europe by 2083 through a series of different attacks.

The first plan included "brutal and breathtaking operations which will result in casualties.”??

Breivik was also willing to share advice to other potential terrorists, telling them that buying farmland was an unsuspecting way to get a hold of fertilizer bombs.

??Breivik is expected to appear in court today, and according to his lawyer, Geir Lippestad, Breivik believes he is innocent:??

"He thought it was gruesome having to commit these acts, but in his head they were necessary,” said Lippestad.

"He views himself as sane. He feels that what he has done does not deserve punishment,” he added.

Police and rescue crew are still searching for victims, four of which are still missing from the island.??

A memorial service was held yesterday at Oslo cathedral, where King Harald, Queen Sonja and Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg were all in attendance.