In the midst of the Norway shooting rampage that left over 85 people dead on Utoya island, Julie Bremnes was able to text message her mother to let her know she was okay.

The sixteen-year-old called her mother, who was in Northern Norway at the time of the attacks by Anders Beivin, asking her to call the police because there was a “crazy man” shooting people on the island.??

“I didn’t realize how serious it really was,” Marianne Bremnes told the BBC about her daughter’s initial phone call.

??Julie continued to text her mother, Marianne, to let her know she was still alive. Julie, along with three other teens, hid behind rocks until the shooting stopped.

"There were four people there. Two of them were panicking. I'm proud of the way she never panicked – now I know she was trying to calm the others down,” said Marianne.

"My husband was with me – he was contacting grandparents and the police. But I had to keep my phone to contact my daughter."??

The following is the text exchange between mother and daughter.

At 1742

Julie: Mummy, tell the police that they must be quick. People are dying here!

Mum: I'm working on it, Julie. The police are on their way. Dare you call me?

Julie: No.

Julie: Tell the police that there is a mad man running around and shooting people.

Julie: They must hurry!

Mum: The police know and they have had many calls. It is going well, Julie. Police are calling us now. Give us a sign of life every five minutes please?

Julie: Ok.

Julie: We are in fear for our lives.

Mum: I understand that very well, my darling. Stay hidden, do not move anywhere! The police are already on their way, if they haven't already arrived! Do you see anyone injured or killed?

Julie: We are hiding in the rocks along the coast.

Mum: Good! Should I ask your grandfather to come down and pick you up when everything is safe again? You have the option.

Julie: Yes.

Mum: We will contact Grandpa immediately.

Julie: I love you even if I still misbehave from time to time.

Julie: And I'm not panicking even if I'm shit scared.

Mum: I know that my darling. We love you too very much. Do you still hear shooting?

Julie: No.

At 1815

Mum: Have you heard anything from the other people from Tromso? Grandpa is on his way down.

Julie: The police are here.

Mum: The person shooting is said to be in police uniform. Be careful! What happens to you now?

At 1830

Julie: We do not know.

Mum: Can you talk now?

Julie: No. He is still shooting!

Mom: This is everywhere on the national news now, all attention on Utoeya now. Be careful! When you get the chance, you come to the mainland and stay with Grandpa of Hamar.

Julie: I'm still alive.

Mum: And thanks and praise for that.

Julie: We are waiting to be picked up by the police. We heard shooting just now, so we dared not get up.

Mum: Good! Good, well done. The evacuation is now ongoing, they are saying on TV.

Julie: We hope we will be picked up by someone soon. Can they not catch him soon?!

Mum: The anti-terrorism unit is there and they are working on catching him.

Julie: OK.

Mum: Should we try to get the flight home tomorrow?

Julie: I have no time to think about that now.

Mum: I understand that.

Julie: Do you know if they have managed to catch him?

Mum: Will keep you posted, my darling. We are following everything on television.

Mum: Hey, are you there?

Julie: Yes. The helicopters are circling above us.

Mum: Then you should be OK?

Julie: They are looking for people in the water, we have not been picked up yet!

At 1901

Julie: What are they saying in the news?

Mum: The police are also arriving by boat to Utoeya, otherwise nothing new. It is not clear what's happened to the shooter so keep still. Wait for someone to pick you up.

Mum: Now they have taken him!