An Old Spice Guy battle has been launched, as “new Old Spice Guy” Fabio challenges longstanding Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa to an internet “duel” at 5pm (GMT) today.

Italian model Fabio, the face of thousands of romance novel covers, has declared himself the “new Old Spice Guy” on the brand’s new YouTube channel.

What is involved in the “internet duel”, no one knows. But Old Spice ad agency Wieden + Kennedy undoubtedly has something up its sleeve for the viral video battle between old and new Old Spice Guys Fabio and Isaiah Mustafa.

Fabio claims his place at new Old Spice Guy


In Fabio’s challenging video, he opens with Mustafa’s trademark line, “Hello ladies”. The “new Old Spice Guy” goes on to swing a hypnotic pendant at the screen as his image appears, hair blowing in the wind.

“You see his muscle? His muscle are your dream prize,” Fabio says.

It didn’t take long for reigning Old Spice Guy Mustafa to respond to Fabio's “Mano a Mano in el Baño” challenge.

Here's what Mustafa said.


There's no indication as to what today's battle will be, but in terms of Youtube popularity, Fabio has a long way to go to catch up with Mustafa. While the Italian model's challenge video has just 700 "likes", Mustafa's has nearly 6,000.

The Old Spice Guy battle between Fabio and Mustafa will take place today (Tuesday) at 5pm (noon, American eastern time).