All of Nutra Tea’s products comprise of unique blends that have taken three years to perfect. Their dedicated and knowledgeable team have sourced ingredients from over 20 different countries to develop a brew that both tastes good, and does good.  

The fact alone that Nutra Tea’s products are made up from 100% raw ingredients makes it stand out from other competitors. Many of the supermarket tea brands include additives that hold no nutritional value at all. Nutra Tea offers an alternative to this, providing the purest extracts to create teas of the highest quality.

Popular Nutra Tea Products

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Nutra Tea offer a range of superb, great tasting teas, helping to promote a range of different health benefits. Their favourite blends for this month include the following:  

  • NutraCleanse – NutraCleanse contains such ingredients as liquorice, dandelion root and more to help promote digestive function and encourage bowel movement. 
  • NutraRelax – made up from such ingredients as lemon balm and valerian root to alleviate symptoms associated with stress and anxiety, including headaches and insomnia. 
  • NutraBoost – a beneficial blend containing ashwagandha, rhodiola and more, NutraBoost helps to promote activity levels, physical and emotional endurance, vitality and focus. 

The start-up holds a fantastic selection of teas, with health benefits beyond those listed above, including teas for eye health, bone health and post-alcohol recovery. All of Nutra Tea’s blends come in packs of 20 from as little as £4.99. Not all of Nutra Tea’s teas are caffeinated either, with decaffeinated blends also available.  

A Natural, 100% Raw Alternative

Many people are becoming increasingly more aware of what goes into their bodies, embracing more natural, and even sometimes plant-based, diets. Nutra Tea helps to offer a more natural, raw alternative to many of the supermarket tea brands, giving customers a product with zero additives and pure, high-quality extracts.  

The founder of Nutra Tea has commented that “We want to change perceptions about modern medicine, because I think people today are a lot more open-minded to try different products such as CBD and other alternatives.” 

And further “We want to explain that you can get everything you need from a herbal tea, and if you have headaches or trouble sleeping, you may or may not have to rely on heavy medication, and a Nutra Tea could be all you need!” 

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