President Barack Obama’s state visit to Britain got underway with him laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown warrior in Westminster Abbey.

Prior to that Obama and first lady Michelle met with the recently hitched Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, formerly known as Kate Middleton and Prince William, at the Queen’s gaff (Buckingham Palace) where they are staying.

Following that Obama and Michelle were treated to a dose of good old fashioned British pomp and circumstance with a 41-canon salute in Green Park, a rendition of the US national anthem, and lots of other military themed shenanigans.

After visiting the Abbey where they were given a tour, the Obamas then paid a visit to David and Samantha Cameron at Downing Street but only for a nice chummy cup of tea – the hard hitting political discussions about Libya and global deficits etc etc will take place tomorrow.

Later today they will meet Ed Miliband (snore!) at Buckingham Palace before attending a state banquet in their honour.

Obama flew into the UK from Ireland on Air Force One late yesterday to avoid the volcanic ash spewing out of Iceland.

He and his wife will fly back to Washington on Saturday night before visiting Missouri where tornados have battered the region killing hundreds.

Security stepped up for Obama’s UK visit