Manchester United chief Alex Ferguson plans to stop Barcelona player Lionel Messi.

Messi is considered the world’s best player, boasting 49 goals and 21 assists this season. He is the top scorer in the Champions League with 11 goals.

Ferguson said: “We have played against Barcelona three times with Messi in the team.

“There is always a solution to every good player and hopefully we can find one on Saturday.

“They have other good players though, and so do we. That is why it is such an appealing game.

“I am sure Barcelona are aware of that.”

He added: “There is no advantage, it doesn’t matter. We don’t decide those things. I know my players will be ready.”

Fergie says the secret to beating Barca will be down to concentration.

Speaking of two meetings with Barca in the 2008 semi-final, Fergie said: “We showed fantastic concentration in those two ties.

“That is the key for us. It is an important issue in terms of Saturday.”