The loo uses motion-detecting cameras to predict the flight of a soccer ball in motion, using that information to pivot on its own axis and then shoot a small ball from out of the bowl to intercept it.

The  Super Great Toilet Keeper is the unlikely brainchild of toilet manufacturer TOTO and toto a sports based lottery who have marketed it as being incredibly green and eco friendly.

Quite what a goal-keeping toilet has to do with saving the environment isn’t made entirely apparent but it certainly reinforces Japan’s dominance in the smart toilet wars.

See it in action below, foiling the attempts of former Japanese international striker Tatsuhiko “Dragon” Kubo.

The Super Great Toilet Keeper comes to light at a convenient time for TOTO, the manufacturer of the majority of Japan’s hi-tech commodes.

The corporation has sought to break into the international market, with many Western tourists, as well as high profile celebrities like Madonna have been glowing in their praise for the elaborate and sophisticated Japanese toilets.

While the Super Great Toilet Keeper might not find a huge audience in the international home wares market (imagine if for some reason one of the balls was fired whilst it was “in use”) but I can think of a few teams at the bottom end of the Premier League table who could use a good Goalie.