The tales, Crisis in Croatia, Jewels of the Canaries, The Mysterious Case of the Disappearing Sea Salt and Old Man of Hoy find our ‘hero’ drawn into a dispute between rival criminal gangs as he cruises around the Canary Islands and is drawn into an attempt to smuggle stolen diamonds into Spain; he is accidently caught up in a planned uprising led a criminal resurrection of the National Liberation Committee of Istria in Croatia; and he encounters a band of ruthless smugglers in a cave on the North Yorkshire coast of England. In Old Man of Hoy, he visits the Orkney Isles in search of his family roots and, in the process, discovers an illicit distillery – to his cost – and I mean substantially more than just a sore head from drinking substandard whisky!

It’s worth a read…take it on your next holiday!

Off the beaten track by Frank Demain available from Amazon on Kindle, iPad or other e-reader