Teenager, OG Niki has shot to Youtube fame with her song, Spit Your Game, which contains graphic lyrics about her sex life and has spawned rampant discussion on Twitter and Youtube.

OG Niki’s Spit Your Game has racked up 30,000 views since it was posted on Youtube two days ago and the latest news, via OG Niki’s Twitter feed, is that she’s just signed a management deal.

“So yeh I’m getting signed. Madness,” @OGNiki tweeted.

Most of the attention for Spit Your Game stems from the fact that OG Niki is pretty up-front discussing sex.

Responses have been mixed.

Positiveblackman wrote on Youtube: “some people really have an immature attitude towards sex…going on like having sex is so important.. IT’S ONLY SEX.. she’s doing the same thing as the brothers do.. she gets slated the brothers get rated.”

Others are less impressed.

“If you hear anyone bumping that OG Niki track in a car, please brick the window,” WrightyMC said on Twitter.

Watch OG Niki, Spit Your Game here.