Oktoberfest organisers will use bacteria to battle the smell of stale beer which is expected to be pungent as the smoking ban comes into force for the first time this year.

Previously the smell of cigarettes has blocked out the pong of stale beer. However, this will be the first year in which Germany’s smoking ban comes into play and Oktoberfest bosses are worried that the smell of spilt ale will upset boozers.

To battle the stink, Oktoberfest’s famous Hofbräu beer tent and at least two others will use a special odour killing bacteria called Elbomex. The bacteria will be poured onto floors ahead of the party.

Elbomex can be used to eliminate smells caused by cesspits and compost heaps and will be effective in combating stale beer smells, according to its maker.

Personally, it’d take more than a bad smell to put us off our beer…

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