It’s called The Natural Philosopher; it’s at 489 Hackney Rd; and its motto is ‘No pain, no pain’.
It comes to you courtesy of the team behind Manero’s on Kingsland Road; it operates in the store room and basement of what is, by day, Macsmith Apple Repairs; and it is spread, very intimately, over three separate rooms:
The Mac Museum: As its name suggests, it’s a museum of everything Apple Mac. From vintage desktops and laptops, to original iPods and typewriter keyboards…all of which are fun to peruse while either wandering around – cocktail in hand – or perched at the wall counter.
The Living Room: A cozy, rug-strewn, welcoming snug containing that which all living spaces ought: a sunken bar serving a selection of six signature cocktails like the JP Sour (containing vodka, calvados, lemon, egg white and cassia bark) and the Gargamel (made of gin, Blue Curaçao, camomile and oleo saccharum… or something).
The Basement: Here lies a Hobbit-sized room which – at just 5 feet tall, and located (like Harry Potter) at the base of a tiny set of side stairs – is the perfect little date spot.
Just try not to hit your head on the way down.
No pain, no pain, no reservations required.