Expect Chinese inspired smoky cocktails, traditional Chinese dim sum and some of the wildest immersive entertainment imaginable, inspired by the era (minus the opium).

Back then, gambling, prostitution and slavery were commonplace, with over 15,000 immigrants crammed into Chinatown’s 20 city blocks. A popular pastime shared by both the Chinese and Americans was opium; demand for this moreish narcotic became so great that soon a network of opium dens were established in the neighbourhood. The most notorious of all was the Blue Lotus, located at the back of a Chinese laundry on Stockton Street. It was a haven of secrecy, crime and dope where low lives and scoundrels would gather in their hundreds to smoke the night away.

The Blue Lotus Opium Den is taking place downstairs at Carousel, Marylebone, from Wednesday 30 September – Saturday 3 October.

Tickets are £38, include a welcome cocktail, entertainment and as much Chinese dim sum as you can eat and can be purchased online at: www.designmynight.com/london/whats-on/food-drink/the-blue-lotus-opium-den