Francesca Minerva says in an article published by the British Medical Journey, that a healthy baby is not a real person and argues for after-birth abortion. 

She says that aborting a baby in the first days after it has been born is no different to abortion in the womb. 

In the paper titled ‘After-birth abortion: why should the baby live?’, Dr Minerva and her co-author Alberto Giubilini argue that after-birth should be permissible in cases where the baby is disabled, unwanted, or it would be too expensive to take of, stating that as it does not yet have hopes and dreams that its rights come after those of the parents and siblings. 

Minerva and Giubilini have come under attack for their arguments though, with Minerva receiving death threats and hate mail telling her to burn in hell” and the duo being hevily criticised by medical contemporaries.  

The BMJ’s editor though has defended the publication of the paper, stating that it is their responsibility to presented arguments, not to push a particular moral point of view. 

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