But there is so much more! The Swiss are amazingly cool people who are tolerant, open-minded, very friendly and really know how to party! So let’s take a look into the party and nightlife options of Zurich – the biggest city in the country.

Street Parade Zurich: THE party highlight for ravers!

Every year in August, one of Europe’s biggest open air raves takes place in Zurich: The legendary Street Parade Zurich. What started out in the year 1992 as the little sister of the Love Parade in Berlin has developed into an amazing, colourful and prestigious event for all friends of electronic music. In 2016, the Street Parade celebrated its 25th birthday. The route of the parade leads along the shores of lake Zurich and is approx. 2.5 kilometres long. Around 30 beautifully decorated trucks loaded with enormous sound systems are the centre pieces of this event. After the parade, more than 100 big and small parties are being hosted around the city, and top acts from all over the world will make you dance non-stop from Friday to Monday morning!

Clubbing in Zurich – You name it and Zurich has the answer!

Feel like enjoying a hard rock concert, a mellow jazz session or a reggae gig? The city offers many big and small joints, where you can find exactly the type of live act that suits your taste. Or how about an exciting tour through the diverse clubs in Zurich? If you take some time before your journey through the night and do some research on the net, you’ll stumble over countless insider tips. If you are looking  for rather up-scale clubs with a more sophisticated ambience, check out the website “premium Switzerland”. The best way to find the perfect location to party is to ask the local crowd you’ll find hanging out in one of the many bars, pubs and lounges during the early hours of the night. The “01 Bar” is just one of many examples where you can get connected. This bar is basically a meeting point for younger party people before they hit the dance floors of the local clubs.

Hooking up in Zurich…

…can be just a little bit tricky. Especially if you are a guy looking for a single Swiss lady and older than … let’s say 30 to 35. The reason is that the most Swiss ladies are more of the “fixed relationship” kind of girls. Statistically they are married and with kids from the age of 25 to 30. But there is a silver lining on the horizon! Zurich is home to one of the most exclusive and renowned escort agency in Europe, therefore, beautiful and open-minded VIP escorts are just a phone call away. This high-class provider of sensual services is actually the first number many international big players from sports, show biz and business call, if they feel like enjoying a perfect date in Zurich. These girlfriends with benefits are not only absolutely gorgeous to look at, but also a real treat on an intellectual level and heaps of fun to go out with. 

Time to chill out!

Before you start diving into the divers nightlife Zurich has to offer, you should check out a nice hotel to come home to. Depending on your budget you can choose from a great variety of hostels, hotels and holiday apartments. If you want to treat yourself, you should check out on of the beautiful design hotels in Zurich. “The Widder Hotel” is one of the most prestigious places in town and promises pure luxury in a truly mind blowing setting. Have a look at the website “Great Small Hotels” and you’ll find some real hotels treasures. But with prices up to 470 Swiss Francs (around 480 USD), these places are anything but cheap! If you are looking for more affordable rooms, check out some back packer hostels like for instance the “Biber – Backpacker Hotel” in the city centre. Should you be travelling with a group of friends, a holiday apartment is definitely the best option!