Paul ‘the oracle’ Octopus has picked Spain as the winner of Sunday’s World Cup final against the Dutch.

Today, during a live television broadcast, Paul also predicted Germany would beat Uruguay in the third place playoff match on Saturday – his seventh prediction of the tournament.

And now he has made his eighth – and possibly most important – tip: that Spain will win the final against The Netherlands.


The octopus’ most recent success came on Wednesday, when he forecast Spain would defeat the Germans in the semi-final, a decision that had fanatical German football fans calling for him to be cooked and eaten.

Paul was born in Weymouth in 2006 but now lives in Germany’s Oberhausen’s Sea Life Aquarium.

He predicts matches by choosing to eat a mussel from boxes emblazoned with the flags of Germany and its rivals.

Paul’s rival Mani the Parakeet tips Holland to win.