Posters of a penis wrapped in yellow ribbon have appeared all over Lewes, Sussex. The artwork features an unknown man’s pride and joy, loving wrapped in a yellow ribbon.

Officers have seized many of the A3 and A4-sized posters, some of which are in colour and some in black-and-white, that all show a penis with a yellow bow tied around it.

The penis posters have been erected in car parks and other public spaces around Lewes over the last fortnight.

Police are investigating whether the campaign is some sort of protest, as a number of the images included a caption reading: “Fees set to rise later this year.”

A Sussex Police spokesman said the “budding photographer” has “failed to impress local police”.

He said: “We are aware of these posters and a local PCSO has removed a few, but we have not received any formal complaints.

“However, we are concerned that the posters have appeared quite close to local schools and they may well cause offence or distress.”

Interestingly, the spokesperson continued:

“From what we’ve seen, if this is a self-portrait, the artist won’t be in a hurry to be identified.”

We take it the ribbon loving artist is no Dirk Diggler.