In some cases, life imitating art can be a good thing, architecture or ruminating on a foggy morning walk for example, but it appears that a new Canadian airline has gone too far in their homage. 

Rouge, a kind of Canadian equivalent to Tiger or Jetstar, which is scheduled to begin flying on July 1st, has come under fire after promotional photographs of people modeling its new uniforms were accused of being too much like the costumes from hit US TV show Glee.

Not being a 16 year old girl or a middle aged housewife I’ve never seen an episode of the show and thankfully the concept of the ‘glee club’ didn’t quite make the trip across from America along with Elvis Presley and morbid obesity.

Still, the photographs of fresh-faced men and women grinning oafishly at the camera in grey fedoras, trim burgundy waistcoats and silly neckties certainly seems like the sort of thing a pimply bunch of A Capella enthusiast youths in ‘middle school’ would wear. 

Look at the guy second from the right, don’t you just want to crush the glass in his frames into a fine powder and rub it into his beady little eyes? No? Maybe that’s just me then… While the guy with the goatee to the right of the pilot looks like the trombone player in a baggy pants ska band that your creepy uncle listens to when he’s “communing with nature”.

Anyway, the uniforms more level headed detractors have wondered whether the glee club look will translate well to ‘real’ cabin crew staff.

While the uniforms are plainly ridiculous, it doesn’t seem any sillier than Qantas’ latest monstrosity that not even Miranda Kerr could make work at its recent unveiling. Nor indeed is any stupider than the dark purple velvet material on the backs of Virigin stewards’ waistcoats which looks vaguely reminiscent of the sort of thing a trainee blackjack dealer at a shitty casino in Macao might wear.

So long as the cabin crew of Rouge come running when I press the call button and don’t ask any questions when I start demanding triple pink gins and jumbo packets of peanuts I’m not sure I care what they end up wearing.