It’s getting chilly, which means it’s time for Vivid. That special time of year when the world famous sails are once again adorned with the fantastical spectacle of ever changing lights.

You could just wander around on a winter’s night and drink in the warmth of hundreds of gigantic projectors, each one costing more than your annual salary, but why not take this opportunity to duck behind the scenes?

For the curious among you, Sydney Opera House is opening up its super secret doors to let you check out backstage at Vivid LIVE.

From the dressings rooms, to front and centre in The Concert Hall and even the gigantic elevator used to transport set materials, the backstage tour will give you a unique perspective on the famous Australian icon.

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One that’s normally only experienced by the most esteemed performers in the world. Oh, and hair and makeup. And the sound technicians, and ticket sales… All right, so you don’t have to be world famous, but you do have to be in the biz.

Or rather, you don’t. You just have to take the tour!

Once you’ve taken in the backstage maze of the Opera House you can settle into the bar overlooking Circular Quay and enjoy a complimentary drink.

The projectors shining across the quay is in itself a sight to behold and the Aussie icon will never look quite the same again once you’ve been backstage.

Cost: $65, see:

Photos: Rory Platt